• watermark
  • move images into anywhere in the gallery root and done!
  • thumbnail resizable images on request
  • random folder icon
  • user comments (optional)
  • comments notified via email
  • album/image count on each folder
  • cache in one single directory instead of all over the place
  • theme-able css (i think)
  • easy comments via filename.comment or directoryname.comment
  • no messy install, just copy the file and a directory to the right place

How to use/setup

  1. move callery.php to desire web directory
  2. move .callery.conf to gallery root
  3. make .cache under gallery root (optional, i think the script will do it)
  4. move photo folders or images into the gallery root
  5. visit via browser.. i say "upload it," audience say "AND FORGET IT!!!!"